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Benefits of Tart Cherry and Venetron®

Tired of feeling tired and getting the quality and quantity of sleep that you need without the use of medications? Try the all-natural approach with a supplement created by a leading sleep physician and now available online for purchase. The combination of tart cherries and Venetron® allows you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and with none of the side effects and risks associated with pharmaceuticals.
Montmorency tart cherries provide a natural melatonin source. Melatonin is the hormone in charge of the sleep-wake cycle. However, only this type of cherry has been shown to improve tryptophan availability in studies. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid and critical for serotonin synthesis, which helps the sleep cycle by minimizing brain inflammation (secondary to procyanidin B-2).

The Science Behind Sip2Sleep®

Clinical trials have examined Montmorency tart cherries for several conditions—like insomnia. Louisiana State University published findings in American Journal of Therapeutics in 2018 that showed how those receiving 8 ounces of Montmorency tart cherry juice twice per day were able to increase their sleep time by 84 minutes. When they were later given a placebo, they showed no notable difference in their sleep time. Plus, those who received the juice also showed a big reduction in their “wake time” after they fell asleep by just over one hour. They self-reported improvement in the quality of their sleep, too.
This study led to Dr. Ruchir P. Patel, who personally struggled with insomnia in the past, to develop the unique Sip2Sleep® formula. Venetron® was added as a mood support ingredient, making the supplement the ideal tool for a better night’s rest. There is no grogginess and no risk of dependency.

What the Research Says

The researchers at Louisiana State University studied the reaction of participants drinking tart cherry juice for just two weeks. It didn’t take long for individuals to find that they were sleeping better and longer. Every participant in the study had a history of insomnia, one of the most common sleep conditions. Chronic insomnia can negatively affect every part of a person’s life. Although chronic insomnia can be helped via different methods, many people understandably want to avoid “solutions” like long-term medications.
Specifically, insomnia is associated with higher blood pressure, dementia and an overall decline in cognitive function, chronic pain, and type 2 diabetes (to name just a few comorbidities). OTC and prescription sleep pills have the risk of dependency, abuse, and have also been linked to an increase risk of falls in older adults. This makes it critical to find a solution for insomnia that is safe, natural, and effective.

Why Cherries and Venetron®

According to the co-author of the study, “Sleeping pills may be an option for younger insomniacs, but for older people these medications quadruple the risk of falls, which can lead to broken hips and, often, earlier death.” The clinical trial consisted of seven adults with an average age of 69 who drank 8 ounces of tart cherry juice twice per day for two weeks. This was followed by a two-week cleansing period, and then another two weeks of a placebo being consumed. Participants took part in this study in a controlled sleep lab environment where polysomnography was used to analyze sleep onset, duration, and efficiency. The participants also filled out questionnaires related to their sleep and mood.
The results showed that those who drank the juice both morning and night got over an hour more sleep each night. Their sleep was also “more efficient.” There have been previous studies that suggest tart cherry juice helps with sleep benefits, but the researchers wanted to know why. Their findings suggest that the red pigment of the juice, or proanthocyanidins, is key. These are organic compounds rich in Montmorency cherries that ramp up tryptophan synthesis. By consuming the juice, it inhibits an enzyme that tears down tryptophan.

Is Juice Your Answer?

According to the researchers, “Even though the amount of tryptophan in tart cherry juice is smaller than a normal dose given to aid sleep, the compounds in tart cherries could prevent the tryptophan from breaking down so it’s able to work in the body more effectively.” Dr. Patel took these findings one step further, adding Venetron® for an even better sleep solution. If you would like to try Sip2Sleep® for yourself, purchase today online and be sure to tell us about your new restful sleep.
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