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Sip2Sleep® Doesn’t Work How You Think It Does—and That’s a Good Thing

What is a “sleep aid?” It can actually be anything that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, but unfortunately the term has become synonymous with over the counter (OTC) or prescription sleep medications. These types of medications tend to be addictive and can cause unwanted side effects like grogginess the next day. When used long-term they can also be dangerous, causing serious illnesses and diseases in some cases. This means you may want to find a sleep aid that is all-natural without any risk of dependency or side effects. Sip2Sleep® was created after research in Louisiana showed that Montmorency tart cherry extract was an excellent and natural tool for better sleep. Here’s how it works.
Tart cherry extract is actually an organic anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation could be the culprit in those suffering insomnia. Inflammation upsets our circadian rhythms, which is our body’s natural internal clock that controls things like our sleep-wake cycle as well as body temperature, hunger, and more. Inflammation actually has a lot to do with sleep disturbances, but not everyone knows that they have inflammation. It's not always obvious. You can’t “overdose” on anti-inflammatory agents when it’s sourced from something natural like tart cherries, and you don’t need an inflammation diagnosis from a doctor in order to benefit from this drinkable solution. Simply put, there’s a good chance you have some inflammation in your body, and if you have trouble sleeping it might be the culprit. Choosing an anti-inflammatory diet is a good idea, but this solution takes a lot of time and effort. Sip2Sleep® lets you reduce inflammation with just a sip per night.

Anxiety and Sleep

It’s no surprise that anxiety often leads to insomnia. When we’re anxious and worried, our body and brain just aren’t going to shut down like they should for the night. Just like with sleep aids, many OTC and Rx options for anxiety come with unwanted side effects and risk for addiction. That’s why Sip2Sleep® also has Venetron®, which is a natural anti-anxiety ingredient that is sourced from plants. Combining the power of anti-inflammation with anti-anxiety may be the solution towards moving closer to your real circadian rhythm and quieting the stress that maybe be keeping you up or waking you up at night.
Remember that anxiety is a very real, diagnosable mental health condition. It often requires an intervention by doctors, and you should never stop or change any prescription medication without the guidance of a doctor. If you have been diagnosed with anxiety and your current regimen isn’t working well for you, schedule an appointment with your doctor today. However, you can also immediately add Sip2Sleep® to your nighttime routine (which may help with your symptoms). It’s natural, no prescription is necessary, and it does not negatively interact with anxiety medications. Until you can reassess your treatment plan for anxiety, feel confident in adding Sip2Sleep® to your sleep hygiene bedtime routine.

The Search for Great Sleep

In the U.S. and across the globe, we are facing a growing dependency on sleeping pills. This is a dangerous trend and precedent, with both elders and teens reaching for these medications at an alarming rate. Sleep is critical for our health and well-being, which explains why many people are prioritizing getting it by any means necessary. But there are safer potential solutions available. Sip2Sleep® works best when you pair it with healthy habits and a solid bedtime routine. If you tend to enjoy a cocktail as a nightcap, trade it for Sip2Sleep® and you may be pleasantly surprised by the difference. Or enjoy Sip2Sleep® while relaxing in a bubble bath at the end of the evening. There are many ways it can complement other healthy habits.
You may also want to consider cognitive behaviors therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) and upgrading your nighttime routine. Read a book instead of watching a screen. Avoid caffeine after 10 a.m. (or entirely if you can). Jot down tasks for the next day and worries you may have so your brain doesn’t think it should do that at nighttime. And make sure your sleep space is quiet, cool, calm, and cozy. For more tips on better sleep, shop Sip2Sleep® now and check out the Sip2Sleep® blog.
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