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Supplement Usage Increased During COVID: Are You Taking the Right Ones?

It is no surprise that taking vitamins and other supplements skyrocketed during COVID-19 as people searched for options to safeguard and improve their health. However, an uptick in healthy living pre-dates the pandemic. When it comes to supplementing your health, there is a supplement for everything, but not all are created equally. Sleep is a critical aspect of your health, but not all sleep aids are necessarily good (especially long-term). Just because a supplement says “organic” or uses another such buzzword does not mean it is the right choice for you.
Most people reach for melatonin when they consider OTC sleep aids or popular brands such as Unisom or ZzzQuil. Both are sold without a prescription and are commonly used for both acute and chronic insomnia or trouble sleeping. Used in the short-term for issues such as jet lag, these options can be effective and are relatively safe. However, most OTC sleep aids contain antihistamines and it is very quick and easy to build up a tolerance. The longer you take these sleep aids, the less they work. Fortunately, there is a new completely natural sleep aid that contains zero antihistamines: Sip2Sleep®.

Your Choice in Sleep Aids Matter

Sip2Sleep® was developed by a sleep doctor following the publication of research that showed Montmorency cherry extract provided an all-natural source of melatonin (part of what gives it the rich red hue). Combining this extract with Venetron®, which is derived from plant leaves and is known as an anti-stress ingredient, gives you a stress-free option to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. This makes it safe for long-term use and a great alternative to other common sleep aids.
Unlike other OTC options, there is no groggy feeling when you wake up in the morning. Also known as the “hangover effect,” this is a common occurrence that can make taking other sleeping aids challenging. Some of the most popular OTC sleep aids are known for causing this effect, including Benadryl (diphenhydramine). This is an antihistamine medication known for its sedating effect as well as constipation, drowsiness, and dry mouth the next day.
Unisom, or doxylamine, is a similar medication with side effects similar to Benadryl. Valerian, which is also derived from a plant and is a well-known OTC sleep aid, appears to have mild side effects according to the Mayo Clinic which include weakness and headaches. Plus, there are very few studies that show it has any kind of therapeutic benefit. There are many store brands that have the same ingredients as those listed above, and the side effects are similar.

Choosing the Right Sleep Aid

Melatonin is a hormone our bodies naturally produce that manages the sleep-wake cycle. Studies have shown that taking melatonin supplements can help to regulate your sleep cycle. However, how and where you get your melatonin makes a big difference. Sip2Sleep® is a drink that provides a melatonin source from nature and does not combine any non-natural ingredients, allowing you to get the sleep you need.
Sleep aids like Sip2Sleep® can be a great addition to a healthy sleep hygiene routine. However, if you have sleep issues—including insomnia—it’s important to work with a sleep expert. This will ensure any supplements you are considering do not interfere with underlying conditions or other medications. Plus, combining treatments, such as supplements and cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) often yields the best results for chronic cases. Learning better sleep hygiene best practices and establishing a pre-sleep routine that encourages good, lasting sleep is best done in conjunction with a sleep doctor.

Drink Your Way to Better Sleep

Sip2Sleep® can be a powerful tool in helping you get the sleep you deserve to ward off co-morbidities and best enjoy your life. Non-habit forming and easy to fit into your nightly routine, it’s the perfect addition for those looking for sleep that is longer, deeper, and more refreshing. Sleep is not a luxury. It is necessary and impacts every part of your life. To learn more about Sip2Sleep® or purchase your first bottle, get in touch with us today—and tonight, sip with us.
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