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Harvard Researchers Find that a Good Night’s Sleep Can Add Years to Your Life

How much is a good night’s sleep worth? Nearly five years according to Harvard researchers. According to the investigative team, regular good sleep has the ability to extend a man’s life by almost five years and a woman’s life by two years (bearing in mind that women typically live longer than men in general).

Researchers analyzed data from over 170,000 people and, unsurprisingly, found that those who slept better lived longer. They also discovered that around eight percent of deaths may be informed—at least in part—by poor sleep. There are many reasons why sleep is important for our health, and living longer is a big one.
Those who benefited the most slept an average of 7 – 8 hours per night, which has long been the recommended amount of sleep for adults. Older adults do require a little less sleep (around seven is recommended). However, the healthiest people also had no problems falling or staying asleep. This means they didn’t struggle with insomnia, one of the most common sleep disorders. Plus, these “good sleepers” did not use sleep medication and say they felt rested when waking up at least five days out of each week. Sleep med usage increased during the pandemic, but understandably many people want to avoid or stop chronic usage of such aids. That’s where Sip2Sleep® can help.

Why Sip2Sleep®?

Sip2Sleep® isn’t a “sleep med,” but rather a drinkable organic sleep aid that is made up of just two ingredients: tart cherry extract and Venetron®. Cherry extract is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent (and inflammation can play a big role in sleep issues!) while Venetron® is derived from a plant and helps to reduce anxiety. Anxiety can be a key cause of insomnia, and it spiked in general during the peak of the pandemic. Like your other daily vitamin supplements, with routine, nightly use of Sip2Sleep® can help increase your overall wellness.
According to Harvard researchers, those who had the five major “quality sleep measures” enjoyed a longer life than those who had 0 – 1 of these factors. One of the scientists says, If people have all these ideal sleep behaviors, they are more likely to live longer…I think these findings emphasize that just getting enough hours of sleep isn’t sufficient, you really have to have restful sleep and not have much trouble falling and staying asleep.

Of course, that can be easier said than done. Still, it’s important to prevent early death if and when possible, especially when it can be as easy as adding a nightly drink to your routine. It is well-documented that lack of quality sleep can lead to a myriad of co-morbidities including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. However, this is the first study that connects quality sleep to a longer life. Americans are chronically sleep deprived, with the vast majority getting less than seven hours of sleep per night.

The Five-Year Plan

During the study, which spanned five years, of the 172,321 data examined there were 2,610 deaths from cardiovascular disease. Another 2,052 deaths were from cancer and 4,019 from “other causes.” Of this pool, those with the five key sleep factors were 30 percent less likely to die overall and 31 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. The researchers urge everyone to start developing good sleep habits as early as possible by prioritizing sleep hygiene. This can start in youth—but it’s never too late to start.

Just one night of bad sleep can kick-start the brain chemical that is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, warns the team. They also point out that those with certain sleep disorders are at a higher risk of developing cognitive impairment 10 years sooner than those without the disorder. The takeaway? Sleep matters—and there is a myriad of potential side effects for those depending on sleep medications. Instead, seek out a natural solution for better sleep, and if you suspect you have a sleep disorder talk with a sleep doctor as soon as possible. For now, get your first bottle of Sip2Sleep® and make it part of your new bedtime routine. It may be a quick, easy, natural way to improve your sleep—and longevity.

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