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13 Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

There are two major signs of insomnia: trouble falling asleep and trouble staying asleep. If you fall into the former category, there are many things you can do to improve your bedtime routine and sleep hygiene. Here are some of the best expert tips to fall asleep—and stay asleep—faster:

1. Meditate

This doesn’t have to look like you think it does. “Successful” meditation can mean just a small period of true “blankness.” Start with just two minutes per night before bed. Create a dark, comfortable space. There are countless techniques for meditation like candle gazing and mantras. Meditation also doesn’t have to be seated—walking meditation works best for many people. Download a free meditation app for ideas on how to explore your meditation journey.

2. Eat dinner at least two hours before bed

It’s not a good idea to eat late at night and/or right before bedtime. Your body needs to digest and if you don’t give it a chance, it will keep you up. Avoid alcoholic nightcaps and consider a brief walk after dinner to aid in digestion.

3. Caffeine

Avoid caffeine beginning at least eight hours before bedtime. Caffeine can linger and can also be found hidden in drinks and foods. If you need caffeine to get started in the morning, make sure it’s a morning-only beverage.

4. Read

Boomers got it right when it comes to reading in bed. Reading is an activity which, in a comfortable and cozy setting, can be sleep-inducing.

5. Remove all electronics from the room

The one exception can be your reading lamp. Charge phones in other rooms and invest in a battery-operated alarm clock. Even tiny amounts of light emitted from electronics can keep your brain active at night.

6. Invest in bath luxuries

A bath is inherently relaxing and a great way to end the night. Amp up the comfort with accessories that will keep you in there longer, such as lavender bath bombs.

7. Try out a white noise machine

Ideally, your sleeping space is dark, cool, and as quiet as possible. However, just like how some white noise can help babies sleep, it can help you, too! This can be especially beneficial for those who live in louder areas and can’t control the volume.

8. Don’t let your pets sleep with you

This can be a tough habit to break. There are many studies that have shown that pets in bed with you can interrupt quality sleep. However, there are also studies that show sleeping with your pets is actually soothing. If you’re not sure which category you fall into, sleep without your fur babies for a few days and see how you feel.

9. Make your bedroom your oasis

Bedrooms should be reserved just for sleeping and sex. This means no TVs in the room, no working in this space, and no making it a multi-use area (so practice your yoga elsewhere). It’s important for your brain to associate this area only with these two activities.

10. Add Sip2Sleep® to your nightly routine

Sip2Sleep® is made with just tart cherry extract and Venetron®, two plant derivatives that can help you fall asleep faster. Tart cherries are rich in anti-inflammatory properties while Venetron® is a natural anxiety-reducer.

11. Make a to-do list for the next day

This might seem counterintuitive, but if you write down tasks for tomorrow, your brain won’t be as likely to keep you up thinking and worrying about them. You already have it down, so you can sleep peacefully.

12. Avoid weekend catch-up sleep

It’s best to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, including on weekends. Our bodies and brains don’t work on a catch-up schedule.

13. Ditch vices like alcohol and cigarettes

Both alcohol and nicotine can get in the way of good sleep no matter what time of the day you imbibe. Of course, indulging closer to bedtime is going to give you even more trouble. Some people think alcohol relaxes them and helps with sleep, but studies have repeatedly shown that you actually get worse quality sleep after drinking alcohol.

What are your favorite tips for sleeping faster?

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