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Sip2Sleep® is an natural, organic sleep aid that will help you get a restful night of zzz’s without the dangerous side effects.  

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about sip2Slseep®

Montmorency tart cherries are a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. This specific tart cherry is believed to help increase the availability of tryptophan, an essential amino acid and a precursor to serotonin that helps with sleep by reducing inflammation in the brain secondary to the presence of procyanidin B-2. Our unique formula of Tart Cherry Extract and Venetron® has shown to provide the best night sleep without the dreaded side effects. Rest well and wake up ready to take on the day!

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Sip2Sleep's unique formula is proven to help promote more restful sleep. 

Clinical trials have looked at the benefits of montmorency tart cherry for various medication conditions including insomnia. In 2018, Louisiana State University published a study in the American Journal of Therapeutics that revealed that in the study participants that received 8 oz of montmorency tart cherry juice twice a day had an average increase in total sleep time by 84 minutes compared to the participants that received placebo as per data recorded during an overnight sleep study. Furthermore, the group that received the tart cherry juice also reported a significant reduction in the amount of time awake after initial sleep onset by 62 minutes and a subjective improvement in how long the individual slept while in bed.  

We've combined this natural sleep ingredient with the latest sleep and mood support ingredient; Venetron®. Our sleep formula is the perfect supplement to assist in getting better rest. Whether you are looking to wake up refreshed for work or struggling to sleep while on vacation, Sip2Sleep can help.

Developed by a leading sleep physician

about DR. Ruchir P. PateL

Dr. Ruchir P. Patel suffered from insomnia for years which led him to pursue formal fellowship training in Sleep Disorders Medicine at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center. During his fellowship he underwent comprehensive training in 80+ sleep disorders, both in children and adults, while working with multiple departments and experts including neurologists, pulmonologists, and clinical psychologists to gain a comprehensive understanding behind the science of sleep.

Dr. Patel has diligently focused his efforts in assisting patients improve his or her sleep issues and insomnia by identifying the root cause(s) of the individual’s sleep issues. Furthermore, with the increasing evidence since 2013 revealing the long-term harm (i.e., increased risk of cognitive dysfunction and impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease) of taking prescription sleep aids such as Ambien, Lunesta, benzodiazepines, and OTC sleep aids such as Benadryl, Dr. Patel has strived to aid patients of being able to wean and discontinue these medications while helping to correct their insomnia and providing a natural remedy as well. He began recommending Montmorency tart cherry juice and extract to his patients in 2018 after reading the clinical trial published by Louisiana State University and to his own surprise >75% of patients reported a positive response to the cherry juice with a significantly reduced amount of time to initiate sleep and improved ability to maintain sleep.

Sip2Sleep® is Dr. Patel’s response to the common issue of insomnia with combining Montmorency tart cherry extract (to minimize natural sugars compared to the juice) and Venetron® secondary to literature suggesting it can improve sleep quality but also result in an increased amount of time spent sleeping in REM sleep.   

As a result of this observation in his own clinic patients and the clinical evidence, he decided to create Sip2Sleep®, which also supports this mission to support a good night’s sleep naturally and help individuals improve his or her brain health through improved sleep without the use of harmful and addictive prescription sleep aids.

Melanie R. (Chicago)

Well the Sip2Sleep is a winner!!! R and I both took it last night and it was awesome! We both noted increased REM sleep on our sleep trackers!

It's a winner!

Tara G. (Chandler)

According to my Garmin I got about 45 extra min of REM last night as compared to a typical 7.5 hour night :)

The Data Doesn't Lie...

Heidi R. (Scottsdale)

It worked!!! I forgot to take it the first night but I did last and it for sure helped!! Taste is good and I had actual dreams!!!

I can turn off my mind at night!

Kush T. (Virginia)

I was skeptical at first, but tried this for a few days and it really works.  Not a fan of melatonin and other sleep aids, but I am gonna stick with this one.  Getting consistent sleep every night...."

It does work!

Rupal P. (Memphis)

I have never been someone who could fall asleep quickly after getting into bed and nor was I someone who would sleep through an entire night without waking multiple times.  Both of these combined resulting in my waking exhausted, physically and mentally.  BUT after starting to take Sip2Sleep about 2 months ago, I have found I fall asleep within 30 minutes of laying down and sleeping through the night!  I wake feeling rested and feeling great.  Sip2Sleep has become a fixture in my nightly routine!

Lifelong insomniac!