About Us

Developed in conjunction with leading sleep physician Dr. Ruchir P. Patel, Sip2Sleep® is our answer to the common issue of insomnia. It combines Montmorency tart cherry extract (to minimize natural sugars compared to the juice) and Venetron®. Literature suggests that together, this combination can improve sleep quality while encouraging an increase in REM sleep.

Dr. Patel suffered from insomnia for years, which led him to pursue formal fellowship training in Sleep Disorders Medicine at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center. During this fellowship, he underwent comprehensive training in 80+ sleep disorders, both in children and adults, while working with multiple departments and experts including neurologists, pulmonologists, and clinical psychologists to gain a comprehensive understanding behind the science of sleep.

Dr. Patel has diligently focused his efforts in assisting patients improve sleep problems and insomnia by identifying the root cause(s) of the issues. Furthermore, there has been an increase in evidence since 2013 of the long-term harm (i.e., increased risk of cognitive dysfunction and impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease) of taking prescription sleep aids such as Ambien, Lunesta, benzodiazepines, and OTC sleep aids like Benadryl. This has led Dr. Patel to help patients wean and discontinue these medications—while also correcting their insomnia and providing a natural remedy.



Sip2Sleep® is a natural, organic sleep aid that will help you get a restful night of zzz without the dangerous side effects.

Sleep Well. Sleep Naturally.

Achieve A Good Night’s Sleep, Naturally

Dr. Patel began recommending Montmorency tart cherry juice to his patients in 2018 after reading the clinical trial published by Louisiana State University and, to his own surprise, >75% of patients reported a positive response to the cherry juice with a significantly reduced amount of time to initiate sleep and improved ability to maintain sleep.

As a result of the long-term serious side effects of many over-the-counter sleep aids and prescription sleep aids, Sip2Sleep® was created to support the mission of achieving a good night’s sleep naturally. This organic supplement helps individuals improve their brain health via improved sleep without the use of harmful and addictive prescription sleep aids.