The Science Behind Sip2Sleep®

Sip2Sleep® uses a proprietary formula of Montmorency tart cherry extract and Venetron®. Researchers at Louisiana State University presented data in 2018 showing that drinking Montmorency tart cherry juice just twice a day for two weeks helped increase total sleep time by nearly 90 minutes among older adults with insomnia.

Tart Cherry Extract

Montmorency tart cherry is a special kind of cherry with surprising benefits for insomnia. Did you know?

  • Montmorency tart cherries provide a natural source of melatonin

  • The ruby red pigments in this specific cherry are proanthocyanidins, natural compounds that help increase the brain availability of tryptophan—an essential amino acid and precursor to the natural sleep aid serotonin

  • Proanthocyanidins inhibit an enzyme (indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase) that degrades tryptophan, a known predictor of insomnia

  • The minimization of tryptophan degradation may allow tryptophan to work more effectively in the body while increasing bioavailability for serotonin synthesis, leading to a positive effect on sleep while improving mood and decreasing inflammation


Venetron® is a patented, purified, powdered extract derived from the Rafuma leaf, Apocynum venetum, which is a safe botanical alternative to St. John’s Wort. It helps insomnia by:

  • Not affecting the CYP3A pathway in the liver that many OTC natural substances (St. John’s Wort) and medications can impact. This means it does not increase the risk of side effects and other drug interaction

  • Containing bioactive flavonoids

  • Supporting serotonin concentrations in clinical trials by reducing the degradation of serotonin in the blood and brain, thus helping sleep and improving mood

  • Producing a calming effect by acting on the GABA-ergic system


Together, Montmorency tart cherry extract and Venetron® are a powerful, natural solution to insomnia. They work synergistically to increase the presence of serotonin in the brain to improve sleep. Plus, together they:

  • Improve mood because Venetron® exerts a calming effect on the mind
  • Create the perfect recipe to help the overactive mind relax for quicker, longer-lasting sleep

For years, the only “natural” sleep aid was melatonin—but it does not come without risks. Sip2Sleep® is a truly organic alternative with no risks or side effects. Many clinicians do not recommend melatonin. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, “overall evidence available is weakly against melatonin’s efficacy.” Plus, since melatonin is technically a dietary supplement and not a medication, it is not subjected to the same FDA scrutiny as pharmaceuticals.



Sip2Sleep® is a natural, organic sleep aid that will help you get a restful night of zzz without the dangerous side effects.

Sleep Well. Sleep Naturally.