Sip2Sleep® has raving fans! Check out what a few people are saying about their experience and how Sip2Sleep® has helped real people get better sleep.

“I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep initially, but I wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep. Sip2Sleep has helped with this problem…instead of laying awake tossing and turning for sometimes over two hours, I use this product and usually am back to sleep within 20 minutes. It works well for me!”


“Well the Sip2Sleep is a winner!!! R and I both took it last night and it was awesome! We both noted increased REM sleep on our sleep trackers! It’s a winner!”

Melanie R. (Chicago)

“I slept like a champ last night!”

Judy E.

“I am not a drunk octopus when I take Sip2Sleep; I don’t flail around the bed.  Me and my partner wake up happy!”

Andrea S.

“According to my Garmin I got about 45 extra min of REM last night as compared to a typical 7.5 hour night :) The Data Doesn’t Lie.”

Tara G. (Chandler)

“It worked!!! I forgot to take it the first night but I did last and it for sure helped!! Taste is good and I had actual dreams!!! I can turn off my mind at night!”

Heidi R. (Scottsdale)

“I was skeptical at first, but tried this for a few days and it really works.  Not a fan of melatonin and other sleep aids, but I am gonna stick with this one.  Getting consistent sleep every night….It does work!”

Kush T. (Virginia)

“I have never been someone who could fall asleep quickly after getting into bed and nor was I someone who would sleep through an entire night without waking multiple times.  Both of these combined resulting in my waking exhausted, physically and mentally.  BUT after starting to take Sip2Sleep about 2 months ago, I have found I fall asleep within 30 minutes of laying down and sleeping through the night!  I wake feeling rested and feeling great.  Sip2Sleep has become a fixture in my nightly routine!”

Rupal P. (Memphis)